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What Musicians Worldwide Say About
David Motto’s Practice Tips

Your eBooks are priceless. Thank you for your great insight on how to make use of my practice time.
Tyrone Southerland, bassist and guitarist
Atlanta, GA

Your practice tips are clearly a product of decades of research on what works and what doesn’t. God bless you for de-mystifying the process for us who never thought we could get better at this.
Monet Silvestre, keyboardist
Manila, Philippines

I love the Practice Tips you’re providing. Thank you so much for this service.
Toni Gross, cellist
Las Cruces, NM

I read the Top Ten Practice Tips and I want to say that it’s reaaaaaally perfect! Thank you for your books.
Zohreh Mahmoodi, violinist
Karaj, Iran

All your tips have helped me SO much!
Linnèa Butler, flutist and pianist
Burlingame, CA

Thanks again for sending wonderful tips which are really very useful for all musicians.
Augustine Chinnappan Muthriar, violinist
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’ve been using your practice planner for years. Your website and practice tips are such a great resource.
Janet Hince, harpist
Charlotte, NC

I want to thank you for your ‘practice tips of the week’ – I find them really good, interesting and very helpful … thanks for doing it, and sharing such useful ideas.
David Hurford, trumpeter
United Kingdom


About David Motto, Founder of Molto Music

I’m a bass player, teacher, author, studio musician, and performance coach. I’ve been in rock bands and jazz groups and played pretty much every genre of music you can think of. I was a member of the music faculty at San Francisco State University for 12 years, and I’ve taught countless private lessons for over 30 years. I’m a voting member of the Recording Academy, which gives me the privilege of voting for the Grammy Awards.

I’m an accomplished professional musician with years of experience. But, here’s why you should pay attention to what I have to say:

Since 1997, I’ve been obsessed with finding the best ways to learn and master musical instruments. I’ve read every book, journal article, and website I could find. I’ve attended every lecture, seminar, and master class I could get to.

In those nearly 20 years, I’ve become an expert on how to improve your playing and how to prepare for any performance. I now coach musicians on all instruments to show them the best ways to learn, improve, and master their instruments. I even give talks to music educators on the best way to teach instruments to other people. Basically, I teach the teachers.

It turns out that the absolute best mastery techniques musicians should be using go far beyond the usual information circulating in the music community. There’s scientific research on deliberate practice, skill acquisition, and memory retention that musicians can benefit from. There’s data in sports physiology and neurobiology that can help you become a better musician. There’s even research on the psychology of success, motivation, and performance preparation that can help you reach your full potential!

Helping musicians master this process is the purpose of my work. My Practice Tips of the Week, eBooks, blog, Ten Minute Virtuoso eBook series, and Musician’s Practice Planner notebooks all exist to make you a better player.

Reaching your full musical potential is your job.
Helping you get there is mine.