Musician Guidebooks

Here are helpful guidebooks for readers of The 10 Minute Virtuoso books.
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Music Lessons

Buying Instruments

Recording and PA Equipment

Musician Finances


Coming Soon: How to Rehearse Effectively (Without Killing Each Other)


These documents answer questions many musicians have about sightreading.

Preparing to Sightread
Taken from the Introduction to my Essential Sightreading Studies books, here are the exact steps you need to take before you try to sightread ANY music. A few of the details mentioned are specific to guitar, bass guitar, and string instruments. But, you can apply these principles to ALL instruments.




16th Note Rhythms
The Six Basic 16 Note Rhythms
These 6 patterns of 16th notes form the basis of all 16th note rhythms. You absolutely must recognize these 6 patterns if you want to sightread charts with 16th notes in them!




Tied 16th Note Rhythms
These tied rhythms are seen as the most challenging material to read. But, you can’t let these rhythms stop you from mastering sightreading! THIS FREE DOCUMENT GIVES YOU ALL THE TIED 16TH COMBINATIONS!





Coming Soon: 15 Ways to Improve Your Solos