The 10 Minute Virtuoso – Digital Book Series


  • Master any song – no matter how difficult
  • Improve your playing instantly
  • Feel inspired and motivated – every time you play
  • Achieve your musical goals – in a fraction of the time

“…clearly a product of decades of research on what works and what doesn’t. God bless you for demystifying the process for us who never thought we could get better at this.”
Monet Silvestre, keyboardist
Manila, Philippines

These books are about results! Imagine getting done in 10 minutes what it currently takes you 30-40 minutes to accomplish EVERY time you play. Each edition of the The 10 Minute Virtuoso reveals 101 secrets used by top professional musicians to improve your playing in just ten minutes a day. Forget all those myths about what it takes to become a better musician. These books offer you real-world strategies that make playing your instrument effective, efficient, and fun—faster than you ever thought possible. And, they’re fully guaranteed.

The 10 Minute Virtuoso by David Motto
For any instrument and all styles.

“This book is so good and so smart. When practice time became limited for me 30 years ago, I wish I’d had this guidance for matching available time to efficient practice and sustainable progress. I’m glad to be putting it to use today.”
Jay R Witt, saxophonist and pianist
San Bruno, California


The 10 Minute Guitar Virtuoso by David Motto
Just for guitar! Learn every chord, every solo, and every song faster than ever.


The 10 Minute Piano Virtuoso by David Motto
Piano players and keyboard players: Take control of your playing!

” I have read the Ten Minute Piano Virtuoso and I can say definitively that it truly has helped me with my practice techniques. I believe many musicians will benefit from it, as I have.”
Linda Berlin, pianist
Las Vegas, Nevada


The 10 Minute Bass Virtuoso by David Motto
Learn how to master any groove or bass line.


The 10 Minute Drum Virtuoso
by David Motto and Steve Bowman
Master drummer Steve Bowman brings alive the virtuoso secrets for drummers.


Praise for the Ten Minute Virtuoso

I was very reluctant to order the 10 Minute Virtuoso because I felt the price was just too high. I finally ordered it and cannot tell you how significant this book has been to my musical development. It is not possible to put a dollar amount on what this book has given me and what it will bring me for years to come. I am so thankful that I finally ordered it. I just wanted to thank you for putting this valuable information together.
Matthew Marshall – banjo, saxophone, and guitar player
New York, NY


Why You Need to Read The 10 Minute Virtuoso – a note from author David Motto

If you’re like most people who play music, you constantly want your technique to get better and you’re excited to learn new songs. You buy instruments and accessories that help you improve. You watch videos that show you how to play specific songs. You study DVDs, online tutorials, and books that show you how to master essential techniques. Maybe you even take lessons from a professional music teacher.

But, many musicians tell me there’s something missing in this process. They’re frustrated because they don’t know what to do to get better. They always wonder if they’re practicing correctly. Though they want to make the best use of their time and significantly improve their chances of accomplishing their musical goals, they’re unclear on how to make that happen.

That’s where The 10 Minute Virtuoso books come in. These books lay out the exact steps to make the best use of your extremely limited time for playing music. Because, let’s face it: You need to feel confident you’re doing things correctly as you squeeze music into an already busy life that’s full of other responsibilities and commitments.

With the strategies in The 10 Minute Virtuoso books you’ll learn efficiently, know exactly what to do when you practice, stay motivated and inspired, and be ready for your next performance. Without the information from The 10 Minute Virtuoso books, you’re in danger of wasting most of your time whenever you play your instrument. So, try the easy-to-use techniques in The 10 Minute Virtuoso books, and you’re guaranteed to get more out of practicing and performing.

I’ve been thinking about the best way to learn musical instruments for a long time. I’m an expert on practicing, and I’ve actively sought the best information on what works when you’re learning to play an instrument. Very few musicians will ever figure out these concepts on their own, and they’re held back by this lack of knowledge. Luckily, I already did the research so you don’t have to.

Are you taking lessons? When you’re practicing during those six days between your weekly lessons, you need someone to turn to for the best advice on exactly what to do. I’m that guy. In the pages of The 10 Minute Virtuoso books I will show you what to do when you’re on your own.

Are you self-taught? Even if you’ve got the best books, DVDs, and online lessons to guide you on WHAT to play, there’s no one showing you HOW to learn to play! You need a system for quickly and easily learning your instrument and all the songs you want to learn. You need The 10 Minute Virtuoso system.

You can make an extraordinary amount of progress in 10 minutes a day, and playing for a short amount of time daily is always better than not playing at all. If you’ve got more than ten minutes available, then play more! But, please don’t fall into the trap of practicing only when you’ve got hours of spare time. You never have hours of spare time. You’ll be much better off practicing 10 minutes a day and making constant improvement than waiting for that imaginary day when you’ve got all the time in the world to play music.

No matter how much time you devote to music, The 10 Minute Virtuoso books will show you exactly how to get the most out of each and every practice session. The secrets in these books will supercharge your playing, allowing you to get twice as much done in half the time.So, make sure you play your instrument today, and start reading immediately!

Choose The 10 Minute Virtuoso title that’s right for you. There are specific books for guitar, piano, bass, and drums plus one edition of the book for any instrument – including yours!

Who Should Read The Ten Minute Virtuoso

The Ten Minute Virtuoso books will help three types of people find the answers to their musical challenges:

1. Musicians Who Feel They’re Not Making Enough Progress
Are you already practicing and playing regularly but are frustrated with your level of progress? You’re not alone! This is a common feeling among musicians. Perhaps you feel that something is missing in your attempts to master your instrument or that you’re just not getting enough done. If you’re not sure what to do to become a better musician, The Ten Minute Virtuoso will guide you.

2. Musicians Who Can’t Seem to Practice Regularly
A lot of musicians feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in practicing. You know you want to play your instrument, and every now and then you play for an hour or more. But, then it might be days or even weeks before you get back to it. Maybe you’ve even signed up for lessons, telling yourself that you’ll have to play regularly to prepare for the next lesson. You take lessons for a month or two, then quit and fall back into your old habits.

This “all or nothing” approach to playing music is frustrating and doesn’t let you experience the joy of playing music regularly. You need some strategies that will let you enjoy playing your instrument. Those strategies are in The Ten Minute Virtuoso.

3. People Who Want to Learn an Instrument but Don’t Know Where to Start
Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument, but it seems too difficult to start? Did you try an instrument many years ago and give up right away?

It’s really simple: If you start playing a musical instrument without the information in The Ten Minute Virtuoso, you’ll be wasting a lot of time, money, and effort. The strategies in my books set you up to learn music as effectively and efficiently as possible – from day one.