Practice Tip of the Week:
Write Musical Reminders

Some musicians treat their sheet music like an ancient manuscript to be
displayed in a museum. They keep it in perfect, pristine condition.

Sheet music is just a tool to help you learn faster. And, tools rarely
stay in brand-new condition when used.

Writing in your music is one of the best ways to use sheet music to help
you progress as quickly as you can.

There are several items to write in your music:

1. Tough Stuff: You need to clearly define the small areas of difficult
music that will need to be worked on. Use a very light pencil mark to
circle these sections. Once you have mastered a section, erase your pencil

2. Technical Stuff: Put in fingerings, breath marks, pedaling, shifts,
positions, etc. These markings will constantly guide you as you play
through your music.

3. Phrasing: Write down dynamics, emphasis marks, and any phrasing
ideas you have.

4. Questions: When you practice, questions probably come up. Write them
in the music so you can get them answered by your teacher, colleagues, or
by doing your own research.

5. Encouragement: Seeing words of encouragement to yourself in your music
can have a wonderful, dramatic effect when you play a piece.

All five of the above have one thing in common: They help your memory.

What you write today will jog your memory tomorrow!

With these reminders in your music, your upcoming practice sessions will be
much easier and much less frustrating than if you try to remember everything
you did today.

So, keep a pencil on your music stand and use it frequently.

To Your Musical Success!