Practice Tip of the Week:
Stay Organized

If you want to make the best use of your time, you need
to be extremely organized about planning the music to be
covered in today’s practice session. And, please don’t forget
to plan the physical organization of your practice space itself.

Have a Designated Practice Area
Most practice experts recommend having one place
where you always practice. (This is beyond obvious
for pianists but is a useful suggestion for string,
woodwind, and brass players who can set up anywhere.)

A single space for practicing has many advantages:

– You know your job is to play music when you enter this space.
This helps your concentration and focus.

– It’s easy to tell others in your household not to disturb you when
you’re in this space.

– The practice room helps you form the habit of practicing regularly.
Stepping into this space becomes a cue for playing music.

Organize Your Practice Accessories
Within this practice space, you can designate specific
areas to place all the little items that make playing
your instrument easier. You don’t want to waste time
searching for your metronome, tuner, pencil, mp3 player,
sheet music, instrument stand, or other necessities.

The frustration of misplacing just one of these items
can be enough to make some musicians simply give up on
practicing for the day.

Some musicians keep these things in their instrument
case. Others have a specific shelf, drawer, or table
for this purpose. Many professional musicians have
two sets of these items: one in their practice space,
and another in their case for taking to rehearsals
and gigs.

A Useful Rule of Thumb
Keep everything you need to practice
within arm’s length of where you’re sitting (or standing) as you
practice. Any time you need to set your instrument down or walk
across the room to get something is time wasted and an interruption
to your concentration and train of thought.

Create Your Own Organizational System
There’s no right or wrong way to organize your practice
area as long as you have some sort of system. That way,
you never waste time during practicing and you eliminate
a common source of musicians’ aggravation.

Try to have your practice space ready at all times.
Keep a chair and music stand permanently set up. It’s
a good idea to store your instrument there too! And,
by knowing exactly where your accessories are, you’ll
be ready to play in no time.

To Your Musical Success!

One must-have tool to organize your practicing
is the Musician’s Practice Planner.
Be sure to check it out today!