Practice Tip of the Week:
Know How to Use Short Bursts of Time

Many musicians feel that they won’t accomplish their goals
without spending extraordinary amounts of uninterrupted
practice time.

But, let’s look at reality for most people:

If you’ll only practice when you have a few hours in a row
available, chances are you’ll skip practicing altogether.

This is because most of us are lucky to have 30-60 minutes
at a time for our practicing.

So, we must get our practicing done in shorter increments.
Maybe that means two or three 30-minute practice sessions
a day. Multiple, short practice sessions are a very effective
strategy for accomplishing your musical goals.

Let’s take it one step further:

Do you ever find yourself with some time to kill?
Maybe just a few minutes? You might be waiting to leave your
house. You could be taking a quick break from work.

These very short increments of time can be turned into short
bursts of practicing. It’s amazing how much you can get done
in one 5 minute increment.

Here are two suggestions:

(1) Work on something very specific–a short section or something
you’ve been avoiding or that scares you. It’s not so bad to work
on it for 4-5 minutes. Then, you get to walk away.

(2) Be completely spontaneous. No planning. Just goof off for
5 minutes and experience the sheer joy of playing music.

What a difference a few minutes can make! You’ll feel a sense of
accomplishment, and you’ll probably be inspired to play your
instrument later in the day.

These 5-minute practice sessions aren’t a substitute for longer
practice sessions. But, they are definitely a complement to your other playing.
Sneak in 5 minutes of playing your instrument–whenever you can.

To Your Musical Success!