Practice Tip of the Week:
Put Your Practicing First

If your life is busy, you may find it challenging to “fit in” your
practice sessions. Day after day, practicing can take a back seat
to other tasks: paying bills, homework, shopping for groceries, etc.

Here’s the solution: Practice first.

That’s right. Do your practicing before any of your other activities.

When you do, something miraculous happens. You still have time to finish
everything else on your to-do list, AND you practiced! That’s much better
than skipping your music to do the more mundane things in life.

For some people, this means practicing first thing in the morning. Others
might need to practice immediately after work—before returning emails or
making dinner.

Students can benefit from practicing immediately after school, before homework
gets started and definitely before any free-time activities.

This practice tip is one of the most powerful ones around. Don’t underestimate
its power! It helps procrastinators and helps people who never feel there’s
enough time for their music.

Amazingly, if you follow this advice, you’ll still have time for your
non-music responsibilities. It’s as if finishing your practicing gives you
more energy and allows you to get everything else done more efficiently!

Plus, there are psychological benefits: You will feel better about yourself,
about your day, about your accomplishments, and about your commitment to
something you believe in that makes your life better.

Your practicing deserves to be put ahead of other day-to-day tasks. Try
practicing first—even if it feels uncomfortable. The laundry and mowing
the lawn can wait!

To Your Musical Success!