Practice Tip of the Week:
Practice Today

Today’s practice tip is a variation of last week’s “Practice Every Day.”

But, it’s a very important variation. Here’s why:

Even though musicians know they’ll benefit from daily practicing,
very few people actually do it!

There are many reasons for this, including:

–People are busy with other things.

–It’s hard to get a practice session started.

–Many musicians focus on “practicing” instead of “playing” their
instrument, and “practicing” doesn’t excite them.

There is also a subtle, psychological barrier that stops many people
from practicing daily:

The thought of practicing every day for the rest of your life is a
difficult concept to face. It’s just too much to think about. It’s
like a long road fading into the distance–with no set destination!

The solution is to focus on practicing today only! Don’t worry about
tomorrow. Your only responsibility is to play your instrument TODAY.

That’s all your responsibility ever is. Why? Well, without getting
too philosophical about it, Today is the only time we ever have.

After all, Tomorrow doesn’t really exist–it’s just a concept in our minds.
When Tomorrow actually arrives, it becomes Today!!

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make long-term plans and goals. This
doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dream of a better future. But, it absolutely
means that to carry out those goals and plans so that our dreams come
true, we have to do something TODAY.

So, you need to set a practice goal for today. Then, start playing your
instrument. Meet today’s goal TODAY!!

To Your Musical Success!