Practice Tip of the Week:
Practice In Your Concert Clothes

Whether your performance garb is white-tie and tails
or a vinyl mini-skirt, you need to be sure you can
play well in your concert clothes.

Many musicians practice in the comfort of their own home.
They wear sweatpants, shorts, T-shirts. Perhaps they are
barefoot. This is fine. You should feel comfortable when
you practice. The last thing you want to worry about when
you’re practicing is how you look.

But, at some point, you’ll need to start thinking about
playing in public. This means deciding what to wear on

Stage clothing causes problems for many musicians. There
are stories of opera singers whose corsets constrict their
breathing, rock guitarists who can’t bend their arms in
their leather jackets, pianists whose brand new shoes keep
slipping off the pedals, and trumpeters whose jackets are
so tight they can’t raise their horns to their lips.

You do not want any of this to happen to you.

Instead, you want to feel good when you perform. Try to
select clothes so you won’t be too hot or cold. Be sure
you can move around easily. Stay away from itchy fabrics.
And, if you’ll be standing on stage, wear shoes that are

Do a run-through at home or in your rehearsal studio wearing
your stage clothes. Even better, have a full dress rehearsal
in the performance space itself. (Yes, there’s a reason it’s
called a “dress” rehearsal!)

Going through your music wearing your concert clothing is part
of the transition from practicing to performing. You’ll feel
more connected to the real performance and better prepared to
be on stage.

If there are any problems caused by your stage clothing, you’ll
have time to make changes BEFORE you walk on stage for the real

Stage clothing is extremely important. What you wear on stage
can define your musical genre and make a bold statement about
who you are as an artist.

But, please, make this statement at home first. Don’t let your
clothes create a performance disaster…

To Your Musical Success!