Practice Tip of the Week:
Practice Every Day

Most musicians intuitively understand that practicing every day
is the best way to improve. And, we’ve heard the cute reminders
such as, “You don’t have to practice every day–
just on the days you eat.”

But, there’s more to it than cute sayings.

Practicing every day means you’re probably putting in more time
than if you practice only two or three times per week. More time
generally equals more progress.

More progress also comes from learning your music in small increments.
The human brain cannot absorb huge amounts of information at once.
Sure, you can cram a lot of material into your brain (like the night
before a final exam), but that information will quickly disappear.

Practicing every day helps with your long-term memory. For the brain
to transfer information from short-term memory (think: a phone number
you heard just once) into long-term memory (think: your own phone
number), your brain must perceive this information as being important.

Basically, the brain will only think something is important if there
is emotion or repetition attached to that information. Practicing
every day gives you the repetition your memory needs.

Practicing every day gives you more time with your instrument, makes
learning more efficient, and increases your ability to remember what
you’re playing. You can get more work done in less time by doing a
little bit every day.

Short practice sessions every day are simply better than one long
practice per week. Commit yourself to playing your instrument every day.

To Your Musical Success!