Practice Tip of the Week:
Have Fun

Practicing music can be a lot of hard work. Mastering
the technical demands of your instrument, learning
challenging music, and having the discipline to practice
every day require dedication and perseverance.

However, if your practicing feels like drudgery, something
is wrong. Playing your instrument should be fun.

One element of having fun is realizing that, out of all
the activities you could take part in, you have chosen
to play music.

Think about that for a minute.

Whether music is your hobby or your profession, you have
countless other ways you could spend your time. Something
has made you decide to play music. Make sure you’re enjoying
this time!

If you’re not having fun in your practice room, here are a
few suggestions:

–Start and end your practice session with something fun.

–Ignore the way you’re “supposed” to play and try some
unconventional techniques.

–Leave your serious side behind and play your instrument
without worrying about how you sound. Just play.

–Play some music you absolutely love–even if it’s not on
your official practice list.

Sure, there’s a lot of serious work that needs to get
accomplished in the practice room, but the overall feeling
should be one of joy.

In the grand scheme of things, we should all feel lucky
to play an instrument.

Make practicing music the fun part of your day.

To Your Musical Success!