Practice Tip of the Week:
Do Something Every Day

It’s important to make practicing a regular part
of your life. Even on the days when you don’t want
to touch your instrument, it’s important to get started.

And you may be in for a pleasant surprise:

Often, just the process of getting started makes you
forget your negative thinking and enjoy the practice

On other days you won’t enjoy practicing. So what?
It’s not realistic to think you will have fun every
time you play your instrument. You can’t let any
negative thoughts get in your way. Even if you don’t
feel like playing, just do something!

Can’t decide what to practice today? Then, do exactly
what you did yesterday. It doesn’t matter if you feel
you are improving or not. Due to the natural shape of
the learning curve, you won’t notice improvement on a
daily basis anyway.

By being conscientious and paying attention to the details
of your playing, you will be making improvement–whether you
recognize it or not! Much of our practice time is spent
building muscle memory, and your muscles need a constant
reminder of the sequences they need to go through to play

Even if you are not consciously aware of this process taking
shape, it’s important to give your muscles the practice they
so desperately need.

There’s no rule stating you have to or you’re supposed to
or you should play through a whole piece flawlessly. That’s
called performing! Most practicing is about focusing on
small details. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just go get
some work done.

If you skip today, it will be easier to skip tomorrow. At
that point, you’ll have a negative trend. This cannot be

So, do something today! Do anything! Just make sure you
play your instrument, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

To Your Musical Success!