If you’re in music school and don’t have a practice room assigned to you at specific times, make sure you play in different practice rooms.  You don’t want to get too used to practicing in the same space every day.

Instead, you should experience different surroundings when you practice.  Learning to ignore your external surroundings will help you focus on your playing.  You must make sure you can stay focused no matter what is going on around you.  This focus is crucial if you want to have success as a performer.

When you’re on stage, all kinds of things may be going on around you.  The lights may be blinding or too hot.  Audience members may cough or even get up and leave during your performance.  You may find it difficult to hear either yourself or the other musicians in your group.

To be successful as a performer, you must be able to perform at your peak even if your circumstances on stage are less than ideal.

Start getting used to different physical surroundings while you’re practicing.  Here are a few suggestions:

–If you do practice in the same room every day, face different directions on different days.

–If the door to your practice room has a window in it, do not cover the window when you’re practicing.   You must learn to ignore people walking by, listening, or looking in.

–Try a new hallway or floor when looking for today’s practice space.  Go to a part of the music building you’re unfamiliar with or where you feel uncomfortable.

Remember, the goal is to increase your level of focus while you play.  No matter what is going on around you, your job is to remain confident and play your best!

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