Some musicians get so used to their practice space at home that they find it difficult to play well anywhere else.  Here’s a practice technique to make sure you’ll be at your best no matter where you play.

Although it’s important to have a specific practice space where you feel comfortable, make sure you don’t get too comfortable!

Musicians get used to the acoustics and the lighting at home.  They have their favorite chair to sit in, their favorite painting to look at, a nice rug to stand on.

Beyond these physical comforts, there are psychological comforts in your own practice space.

At home, there is no one listening to you, and you often play at times that are most convenient for you.  These factors lead to feeling very safe playing your instrument there.

Be sure to make changes to your practice environment.  This may be as simple as facing a different direction than you usually do.  Perhaps a slight change to the lighting will create a different feeling for you.

Whatever you do to change your practice environment, make sure you feel different, even slightly uncomfortable, as you play your instrument.

Experiment.  Have fun trying something new!

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