Are you passionate about the music you’re playing?  If not, it’s probably pretty difficult to get excited about practicing and doing all the hard work needed to perform well.

There are plenty of situations in life that do not contain passion.  Just think of commuting to work or school, running errands, doing housework, and all the other mundane but necessary tasks of living your life.  Don’t make the mistake of leaving the passion out of your music!

Here are a few tips for putting passion into your playing:

1.  Choose to perform music that you truly like.  Listen to recordings before you tackle something new.  Hearing this music should inspire you and make you want to play your instrument.

2.  Tell a story with your music.  If you infuse plot and characters into the music you play, it’s a lot more interesting for you and for your audience.  Stories contain emotions and plot twists that give music the extra spark it needs.

3.  Pick a venue where you want to play.  When you take control of where and when you will be performing, it’s a lot more interesting to learn new music–and it’s easier to feel passionate about the outcome.

4.  Copy the masters.  Try to play exactly like an artist you admire.  Copying their sound and technique can inspire you to go beyond your usual techniques.

5.  Play when you’re angry.  Doing this usually brings out a whole new interpretation of the music for most players.  It’s almost like someone else is playing your instrument.

Do whatever it takes to put the passion into your playing!

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