Do you ever feel that you’re practicing only one or two items and feel guilty for neglecting others?  Most of us have experienced these feelings.  We know we should be more balanced in our practicing–even as we play through the fun music on our practice list.

The Musician’s Practice Planner can help you avoid these negative feelings by organizing your practicing into useful categories.  If you make sure you have at least one item in each practice category, you can rely on the Practice Planner to give you your to-do list.

By following the categories in order–Scales & Arpeggios first, Exercises & Etudes second, Repertoire third, etc.–you can make sure your practicing is balanced.  More importantly, you relieve yourself of any feelings of guilt that result from skipping the less exciting parts of your practicing.

When you focus on your scales and exercises before you go through the songs or pieces your really want to practice, you will be thoroughly warmed up and ready to play at your best when you get to your songs.  Going through this process every time you practice will help you learn faster.

The trick is to make sure there’s something written in every category of your Musician’s Practice Planner.  You and your teacher can make this a goal at every lesson.

Stay balanced and you’ll make more progress!

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