Music teachers and music students will achieve more if they understand a truth about how the human brain is hard-wired: We are designed to forget things.

That’s right.  Remembering is rare.  Forgetting is normal.

Once you come to terms with this reality, everything changes for you.  You won’t be so hard on yourself for forgetting to do something or for not being able to memorize your music quickly.  You’ll know that you need written lists to guide you through your practicing and your other activities of the week.

When music teachers expect their students to forget everything they’re told, a new style of teaching emerges.  Instead of being perplexed by students’ inability to remember things, teachers instead are forgiving.  This sets up a warmer relationship between students and teachers and actually helps students learn more quickly.

Teachers also realize that they need a foolproof system for helping their students remember what and how to practice.  They make sure this system is a central part of their teaching.

Helping musicians remember things is one of the main uses of the Musician’s Practice Planner.  We designed this notebook to make it easy to use.  By putting practice categories in large boxes, musicians get used to looking in the boxes each week for specific items to practice.  Scanning the Weekly Lesson Plan is easy for students since they know to always look in the same place for repertoire or for warmups.

Without a tool like the Musician’s Practice Planner, students are likely to forget nearly everything that was discussed at their lesson.  They won’t know what to practice, and they won’t have any guidance from their teacher between lessons.

If we come to terms with the fact that we are designed to forget, we can quickly see the need to have organized lists to guide us through our time in the practice room.

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