Musician’s Practice Planner: Take a look inside

–Get More Out of Every Practice Session
–Develop Laser-like Focus
–Accomplish Your Musical Goals Faster

The Musician’s Practice Planner has 42 double-page layouts.
That’s enough for about one year worth of lessons.
And, it gives you plenty of room to write everything you need.

Its spiral binding makes it easy to use. The open
book will lie flat on a music stand or table.

Weekly Lesson Plan Page (The Left Page):

Plan what to do for the week. The secret to making this page effective is deciding on your Specific Goals and writing them down. With specific, attainable goals in place playing music becomes much more productive. During lessons, this page gets filled in by the teacher or parent.

Daily Practice Log Page (The Right Page):

When you decide your priorities before you practice, you’ll know exactly what you need to get done today. You can track your current metronome setting on this page too. If you’re taking lessons, this is the page you’ll fill out on the days in between lessons – when you’re practicing on your own.

How Music Teachers Can Get the Most from the Weekly Lesson Plan Page

Categorizing student’s to-do lists helps them remember everything they need to learn in between lessons. Giving specific goals motivates students because they know exactly what to do and exactly what you expect at the next lesson.

Ideas for Practicing Musicians

On your Daily Practice Log, you’ll see if you’re playing everything you need to cover daily. Try to play all the items on your list each day.

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