The Musician’s Practice Planner if often praised for its ability to organize practice sessions and keep music students focused. 

There’s another use for this practice notebook that is even more vital: Inspiring musicians.

When musicians feel inspired, they are much more likely to practice regularly and stay focused on their aspirations.  They stay calm in the face of challenges and don’t give up when they encounter difficult music they’re supposed to learn.

There is a section in the Musician’s Practice Planner that is designed specifically for the purpose of inspiring students.  This section is the “Special Notes for the Week” space on the Weekly Lesson Plan page.

Special notes can be anything the teacher feels will most help the student during the time in between lessons.  While it’s tempting to include only ideas for improving technique in these notes, many students need some words that will keep them excited about music. 

The interesting thing is that these words often arise spontaneously during a lesson when teachers and their students are really connecting.  Conversations during the lesson often lead to insights which are perfect to include in the Special Notes section.

Often, these words of wisdom are more important to the student than their list of what and how to practice.  The Special Notes can be the inspiration for for playing music every day.

When we first created the Musician’s Practice Planner, the idea was to give music students a tool that would help them achieve their goals.  The specifics of time spent practicing, metronome markings, and lists of practice items are merely details in the broader scheme.  The real focus is goal achievement, and keeping students inspired is one of the best ways to help them meet and beat their goals.

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