World-class Performers Endorse the Musician’s Practice Planner

“This is a great book. If you want to make serious use of your practice time, the Musician’s Practice Planner is for you.”
Branford Marsalis, Grammy-winning Saxophonist and Composer

“This is a great organizational tool for focusing your energies towards the daily pursuit of growing on your instrument.”
Bruce Hornsby, Singer-Songwriter and Pianist

“It is not only extremely practical, it is a wonderful progress gauge for students and performers alike. I’ve already begun to use it myself. It’s a great book!”
Robert McDuffie, Grammy-nominated Violin Soloist

“In my experience, one of the wonders of music and the making of music is that with effort and instruction one can learn to do something that one couldn’t do before. We all the know the old saying, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!” This is true and when practice is presented in a fun and organized way, it works! This wonderful planner accomplishes just that, and I have begun to use it this week even after 30 years as a professional singer. And, I have noticed an improvement. A little practice every day is far better than many hours on one day, and this book helps accomplish this. It’s another sign of a commitment to one’s art and one’s work. I endorse this wonderful planner most enthusiastically.”
Frederica von Stade, World-renowned Mezzo-Soprano

“The Musician’s Practice Planner belongs on every student’s music stand, and I recommend it equally enthusiastically to teachers and professional performers. As every dedicated teacher and every busy performer knows, one of the greatest challenges in becoming a better musician is learning how to practice, and few things are more important in overcoming that challenge than the basic task of being organized and conscious of exactly what one wants to achieve at every moment. I cannot think of anyone, from the beginner starting her first lesson, to the experienced professional, who could not derive some benefit from this superbly thought out tool for learning.”
Jeffrey Kahane, Piano Soloist and Conductor

“The Musician’s Practice Planner is a tremendous asset for both teacher and student. Guided by the weekly lesson plan, students are organized and motivated. By filling in the practice log, the student feels a great sense of accomplishment, pride and progress, the “look what I did!” feeling that generates more good work. Lessons will be better prepared and the student will gain self-discipline and self-confidence. The Musician’s Practice Planner is a terrific teaching tool!
Eugenia Zukerman, Acclaimed Flute Soloist and CBS News Arts Correspondent

“The Practice Planner can help you stay focused on what you really need to practice by making you more conscious of how you’re spending your practice time. I’ve been enjoying using this valuable tool.”
Steve Smith, Famed Jazz and Rock Drummer

“An excellent tool to help students, educators and professionals organize and clarify their practice time.”
Randy Brecker, Grammy-winning Trumpeter

“What a great way for students and teachers to focus on goals! I recommend the Musician’s Practice Planner to anyone who wants to make the most of their practice time.”
Geraldine Walther, Principal Violist (retired), San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

“The Practice Planner is a great organizational and study tool. I highly recommend it for both the teacher and student.”
Raynor Carrol, Principal Percussion, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

“This is an excellent book for students of all ages striving for quality practice sessions.”
Sheryl Renk, Principal Clarinet, San Francisco Opera Orchestra

“The Musician’s Practice Planner is a useful tool in helping to develop effective work habits and to meet practice goals. I recommend this book to every musician, particularly students and teachers.”
Vincent Cichowicz, Legendary Chicago Symphony Trumpeter and Northwestern University Professor

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Music Educators Praise the Musician’s Practice Planner

“We have adopted the Musician’s Practice Planner as the practice book for our Suzuki program. It has become an integral part of our program as parents and teachers find it a valuable aid in organizing efficient home practice.”
Katherine Wood, Director, Suzuki Talent Education, MacPhail Center for the Arts, Minneapolis

“These notebooks are great! The design is simple and clean, allowing me the freedom to adapt to each student’s needs. My students get creative with it by using stickers and colored pens. It inspires them to practice.”
Kathryn Stenberg, Violinist, Del Sol Quartet and Former Teaching Assistant, Eastman School of Music

“I consider this book to be extremely useful for music students of all ages.”
Dr. Dee Spencer, Pianist, Department Chairman, San Francisco State University

“ALL my students use your book. The set up of the book is great. I wish I had something like this years ago.”
Betsy London, Professor of Viola, California State University, Hayward

“I can’t think of a faster or better way to reach one’s goals than to use this planner.”
Dr. John Kuzmich, Jr., Jazz Education Journal

“Congratulations on putting together a very creative and helpful product!”
Doris Preucil, Suzuki Teacher Trainer, Author, Suzuki Viola School

“I think your books are great and my students are finding them very useful as well!”
Lynne Richburg, Violist, New Century Chamber Orchestra

“Over the years, I have used a number of assignment books for my students. By far the Musician’s Practice Planner is one of the best designed. Highly recommended!”
Lucy Chu, Pianist, Creator of E-Z Notes Learning Aids

“I’ve been an enthusiastic promoter of the Musician’s Practice Planner for many years now, starting when I was dean at MacPhail Center for Music. I encouraged our large (more than 500 families) Suzuki department to try out the MPP and they’ve been using them successfully every year since. Whether the straightforward monitoring of practice time and content or journaling the subtle ups and downs of the learning process, the Musician’s Practice Planner is flexible enough for all ages and levels of students, from young beginners through college music majors. Even pros have told me it can really help organize the demands of their hectic practice needs.”
Janis Weller, Professor of Flute, University of Wisconsin – River Falls

“The Molto Music Musician’s Practice Planner allows music teachers to not only tell their students what to practice, but also teaches them how to practice. Students using this planner will progress more rapidly as practice time will be used more effectively. This planner is essential for every music teacher and music student.”
Kathleen Thyberg, Pianist, Publisher of Software

“Thank you for your great book!”
Vera McCoy-Sulentic, Director, Suzuki Program, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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