Want to learn how to play music?
Want to be good enough to play any song?
Becoming a great musician starts in the practice room!

How to Achieve Musical Success

Total focus in the practice room is the secret to achieving musical success. The Musician’s Practice Planner gives you that focus.

Adding the Musician’s Practice Planner to your playing is simple:

Just write down your goals before you practice and track your progress when you’re done – in an easy-to-use layout designed exactly for musicians’ needs.

Benefits You’ll Get from the Musician’s Practice Planner

• Achieve your musical goals.
• Get more done in less time.
• Know exactly what you’re supposed to play.

You’ll practice the same amount of time that you do now – but, you’ll learn more, remember more, and make more progress!

Over 95,000 sold!

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World-class Musicians Endorse the Musician’s Practice Planner

“This is a great book. If you want to make serious use of your practice time, the Musician’s Practice Planner is for you.”
Branford Marsalis, Grammy-winning Saxophonist and Composer

“The Musician’s Practice Planner belongs on every student’s music stand.”
Jeffrey Kahane, Piano Soloist and Conductor

“…a wonderful progress gauge for students and performers alike. It’s a great book!”
Robert McDuffie, Grammy-nominated Violin Soloist

“This is a great organizational tool for focusing your energies towards the daily pursuit of growing on your instrument.”
Bruce Hornsby, Singer-Songwriter and Pianist

“I endorse this wonderful planner most enthusiastically.”
Frederica von Stade, World-renowned Mezzo-Soprano

“The Practice Planner can help you stay focused on what you really need to practice by making you more conscious of how you’re spending your practice time.”
Steve Smith, Famed Jazz and Rock Drummer

“An excellent tool to help students, educators and professionals organize and clarify their practice time.”
Randy Brecker, Grammy-winning Trumpeter

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Thousands of Other Musicians Already Use the Musician’s Practice Planner

This versatile notebook is used in a wide variety of settings:

–for all instruments
–in every genre of music
–by performers who need to get the most from their practice time
–by students of all ages – from Suzuki lessons to university music majors
–by teachers who trust its effectiveness

The Musician’s Practice Planner is a best-seller, with over 95,000 copies sold.

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