Whether you’re setting up for a music lesson, practice session, rehearsal, or performance, you should always be to tune your instrument.

There are now apps for the iPhone that act as your tuner-on-the-go.

Here are two tuner apps to try out:

(1) Stay In Tune (by Sonzea)   $3.99

This is a chromatic tuner with a large display.


(2) Cleartune – (by bitcount)  $3.99

This chromatic tuner allows you to adjust calibration and temperament.


For only $3.99 these are very affordable.  Of course, as with all iPhone apps, you’re paying monthly fees for phone and internet service just to have a working iPhone.  So, it’s difficult to estimate how much musicians are really paying to have these wonderful apps in their pocket at all times!

Let me know what you think of these iPhone tuners.  And, please send information on any other music software you feel is useful for musicians.

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