In my last blog post, I wrote about the importance of listening to the music you’re learning to play.  Not only is listening enjoyable, but hearing your music also helps you learn more quickly.

It’s never been easier to access music to listen to.  There are many free sources online, inexpensive online sources, and software that can be part of your practicing experience.

Here are some suggestions:

Free Online Sources of Music: From professionals to beginners, videos of people playing music.  I recommend finding master musicians playing the music you’re learning.  Watch them, listen to them, and mimic them.  Rhapsody is mostly thought of as a paid music service, but you can listen to a small amount of music absolutely free every month at their website.  GrooveShark lets you create playlists and keep these playlists intact the next time you log onto their service.

Paid Music Services:

iTunes:  Apple’s service has become synonymous with digital music purchases in general.  For 99 cents, you can buy most music you’ll be learning to play.

Software To Practice With:

SmartMusic: This paid service gives you accompaniments to the music you’re practicing.  You can play along as well as see a report of how well you did.

Band in a Box: A brilliant accompaniment software designed mostly for popular music, this software gives you music to play along with in almost any style.  Plus, you can program in your own chord changes to practice with.  For the price, this is the best software out there for practicing musicians.

If you have favorite sources of music to listen to or practice with, please leave a comment on this blog.

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