I was recently reminded of the power of our connected, online world when I ran across a couple mentions of me and one of my books from late 2011. Without you even knowing it, other people might be uploading information about you and your music to their websites, blogs, and social media sites.

It’s wonderful to think that these other people care enough about you to take the time to do this. You just might be able to reach a whole lot of people from their network who aren’t in your network!

Here is a website I didn’t even know existed until they reviewed my Musician’s Practice Planner book for a jazz audience: JazzPracticeIdeas.com.

On the Grammy website, a former student of mine (who is now a Grammy-winning singer, composer, bassist, and cedar flutist) mentioned me while discussing the importance of mentors for musicians.

How are you being talked about online? Have you had any particularly positive or negative experiences from your name or your music being included in an online discussion?

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