When you learn music–whether it’s how to play piano, how to learn guitar, mastering the trumpet, learning drums and percussion, or whichever instrument you choose–being able to keep a steady count is one of the most important skills to develop.

Using a metronome during your practicing will help you with this skill.  If you practice with your computer on, you can take advantage of several online metronomes that are available, usually for free.

I’m not endorsing any of the metronomes included in this post.  And, there are probably many more available online that I haven’t mentioned here.

You can choose which online metronome works most effectively for you.  Sometimes, that’s as simple as choosing the metronome with the sound you like the most or with a click that’s loud enough to hear easily as you play your instrument.

Most online metronomes are fairly simple, with an even click set at the tempo you choose.  When you want accented downbeats or subdivisions, you may need a more sophisticated tool.

Also, there will be circumstances when you will want to carry your metronome with you.  The online versions won’t replace the need for a stand-alone metronome you can have in your practice space and take with you in your case or gig bag. Take a look at the models of metronomes we recommend here on the Molto Music website.

Here are a few of the online metronomes currently available:

Metronome Online

Web Metronome

Best Metronome.com

Gieson Metronome

Feel free to share your comments about these metronome websites and to recommend others by leaving a comment.

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  1. 1 Nick

    I’m a webmaster of FreeMetronome.com and I was wondering if you could give me your feedback on how i could make my site better.

    Thank You

  2. 2 David Motto

    FreeMetronome.com looks interesting, and it’s nice to have information on tempos and how to use a metronome. I didn’t include it in the selective list on this post because it isn’t immediately obvious how to use the metronome when landing on your homepage. Also, there is no direct link back to the metronome itself once a visitor to your site clicks to read your informational pages.

    Stay in touch about any updates to your site. We are always on the lookout for resources that will help music students and other practicing musicians.

    –David Motto

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