In addition to listening to the specific pieces and songs you’re learning to play, it’s both important and fun for musicians to listen to music in their chosen genre.  This is especially true when you decide to learn a new style of music.  Immersing yourself in the sounds of famous artists who play this style is a wonderful way to absorb the style and pick it up more quickly.

It’s never been easier to have instant access to virtually any type of music that’s ever been recorded–for free.  Radio stations from around the globe are now available online, and websites are set up daily to focus on specific styles of music.

There are two services that every musician absolutely must check out.  Each of these is free and easy to use.  And, they will provide you endless hours of music in a style you want to hear.

1.  iTunes: Though everyone knows iTunes for purchasing music, one of its best features is online radio.  The list of radio stations available through iTunes keeps growing, and the styles available are mind-boggling.  Many people seem unaware of the radio station function of iTunes, but it is well worth checking out.

2.  This amazing website allows you to create customized radio stations based on songs that you like in a particular genre.  Once you try out this site, you’ll be hooked.  In addition to music, there are written descriptions of artists, songs, and albums.  Plus, suggestions for other artists who sound like the one you’re listening to are included.

Take advantage of every technology that gives you access to music.  These technologies will enrich your life and help you be a better musician.

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