Yesterday’s post listed some online metronomes available for musicians.  Today’s post takes learning music one step deeper into current technology: iPhone apps.

There are many apps available for musicians and music lovers.  Some of these apps are just for fun, and others are true tools that make musicians’ lives easier.

Here are two metronome applications available for the iPhone:

(1) Tempo (by Frozen Ape)  $0.99

Tempo is the best-selling metronome on the app store.


(2)  Beats BPM Metronome 1.1 (by Bjango)  $1.99

This is a metronome designed for DJ’s that has a tap function.


If you are an iPhone user, these apps will give you a metronome in your pocket wherever you are.

New apps are developed and made available daily.  For the practicing musician, many of these apps are perfect tools to help you learn music faster than ever before.

Let me know what you think of these and other apps that are available for musicians.  Please leave a comment with any must-have technologies for musicians.

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  1. 1 Violinist

    If you’re listing those two, why not Metron? Metron (by SintraWorks) is probably the most powerful metronome of the bunch for the iPhone. It is rock steady, accurate, and offers a level of flexibility I have not encountered on other metronomes whether on iPhone or elsewhere. You can program your own sequences with time signature and tempo changes, even accelerando and ritardando. You can also create custom rhythm patterns for each beat, and control its playback sound, volume, and color on the LCD. Another cool feature is that you can share sequences you create with other Metron users.

  2. 2 David Motto

    Thank you for the information on Metron! I hope this is a useful app for everyone reading here about music technology. If anyone has suggestions for metronomes and other must-have musical tools available for smart phones, please leave a comment here.
    –David Motto

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