Many musicians teach themselves mistakes at every practice session.  They’re usually
not even aware that these errors are happening.

This habit of learning mistakes is so commonplace because of the way most musicians
practice their music.  A typical attempt at learning a song looks something like this:

–Start playing at the top.
–Stop when a mistake is made.
–Correct the mistake.
–Move on and keep up this process until the end of the song is reached.

Let’s look at these steps from the point of view of your muscles and what they’re learning:

1.  Stopping in the middle of a phrase is normal and acceptable.
2.  The incorrect note is a normal part of what they should play.
3.  A wrong note followed by a right note is the sequence of activities they should
follow for this song.

You must replace this style of practicing immediately!  Stopping and starting just
confuses your muscles, and you will never master your music or your instrument if
your muscles are confused.

Instead, there’s another way to approach learning new music.
Follow these 3 steps and you’ll stop making mistakes:

1.  Practice slowly enough that you get every note and rhythm accurately placed.

2.  Teach your muscles correctly so that they learn the sequence of actions needed to play your music without stopping.

3.  Slowly work up to performance tempo with your muscle memory intact.

This approach lets you learn correctly the very first time you go through new music.
It undoes the normal process of teaching your muscles mistakes.

If your muscles learn to play mistakes, you face a very painful process of re-learning
your music so you can play accurately.

First, you must un-learn the mistake.  Then, a new (correct) sequence must be learned
by the muscles.  While this corrected sequence is being learned, there will be a struggle
as the earlier mistake tries to creep into the music.

Re-learning your music disrupts progress with your practicing and is very frustrating.

Never learn mistakes.  Never teach your muscles incorrect actions.

Instead, use your muscle memory to your advantage by playing slowly and correctly.  You
will learn faster, feel more confident, and enjoy playing more.

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