There’s nothing more frustrating for musicians than trying to learn a song from a recording while the music is going by so fast you can barely keep up with it! Luckily, there are now many tools out there that slow down the music without changing the pitch.

Having this ability is a HUGE time-saver. And, it eliminates the frustration so common when learning from recordings. Whether you’re learning to play a part, transcribing a line note-for-note, or getting the chord changes, listening at a slower tempo is the best!

Here are some technologies to check out, and – as always – if you have suggestions or would like to discuss your experience with this technology, please comment here or on the MoltoMusic Facebook page.

Amazing Slow Downer

This was the first software with this functionality that became widely known among musicians several years ago. It’s still going strong.




This software, from Seventh String, has a lot of features to help with transcribing, playing along with the recording, and other things musicians will want when they slow down the recording.



Other Technologies to Slow Down Recordings

This website has a forum discussion about other technologies that musicians are using to slow down recordings. I haven’t seen any reviews that absolutely, positively say that one of these is the best for musicians. Let me know what you think.





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