It’s important to keep your practice space free of clutter.  When you start your practice session, it’s a lot easier to get going if everything you need is easily accessible and you can find you sheet music, metronome, tuner, and any other accessories you need.

cluttered_officeGetting started with a practice session is difficult for many musians, and, if there are stacks of paper and items all over the floor in your practice room, you could find yourself not practicing today.  It’s just not fun to step over a bunch of junk so you can start playing music!


Here are a few suggestions for making your practice space easier to use by keeping it organized:

1.  Make sure you own a music stand.  Without a stand, you will have to put your music on a table or, worse yet, on a bed or chair.  You want your music to be more vertical than horizontal when you read it.  A music stand takes up very little floor space and defines your practice space.

2.  Keep the sheet music you’re currently using on your music stand, in a folder.

3.  Have a specific place where you keep your most important accessories, such as your metronome and tuner.  This could be a specific shelf or a drawer.  Just choose a place that is convenient for you.  (And, make sure these items are returned to their designated home at the end of your practice session!)

4.  Keep your floor clear around the exact space where you practice.  Don’t stack sheet music on the floor around your music stand.  Use a desk or table top to place your metronome, notebooks, and even your beverages for practice sessions.  If a table won’t fit where you practice, buy a second music stand that can serve as a portable table.

5.  If you have a large amount of music books and sheet music, have a bookshelf or filing cabinet where these can be stored.  Piles of these items will just lead to frustration when you need to find a specific book.

All of these steps will make your practice space a comfortable place to be.  And, you will be able to practice more efficiently if you know where everything is!

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