Most musicians think that practicing music is a lot like performing music.  They start playing at the beginning of a song, make some corrections along the way, and finish when they’re done with the song.

The only difference between this process and actually performing is that–when you’re performing–you can’t stop to correct yourself.

The problem is, if your practice process includes a lot of starting and stopping, you will want to stop even when you’re on stage!  That’s one way to ruin a performance.

If you want to feel successful as a musician, you’ll need to seek out successful ways to practice–whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player.

There are many sources of good information on practicing, including this blog and the other materials available on the Molto Music website.

One primary source is your music teacher.  It’s the job of teachers to teach their students the process of successful practicing between lessons.  Be sure to ask your teacher HOW you should be practicing.   If your teacher isn’t able to give you adequate guidelines for what to do between lessons, you need to find a new music teacher!

Authors and publishers of music method books should also give aspiring musicians a process to successfully learn the material in their books.  The same goes for DVD producers, website owners, and anyone posting videos on YouTube.

Knowing WHAT to play simply isn’t good enough.  You should always be on the lookout for HOW to practice so that you can play successfully.

If this information is not included in a music product, don’t buy it!

It is not the responsibility of music students to figure out how to practice on their own.  If you’re studying music, look for this information at every opportunity.

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