There is a lot of advice for music students to get the most from their music lessons in the Music Lessons blog archive here on the Molto Music site.  Today’s post adds one more tip:

Always leave today’s music lesson with your next lesson scheduled.

For many students, lessons are scheduled weekly at exactly the same time.  If you’ve set up your music lessons on a regular schedule, congratulations!  You will get regular feedback, advice, and assignments from your music teacher.  Regular lessons give you the best opportunity to make the most progress in the shortest time possible.

There are many music students–especially adult musicians–who do not adhere to a regular lesson schedule.  Some of these students are highly motivated and will practice hard between lessons to make a lot of progress.

However, a lot of students who take lessons only occasionally don’t have a great deal of motivation between lessons.  Knowing that they don’t have to check in with their teacher any time soon, they put practicing on the back burner.

If this describes you, today’s blog post is tailor made for your situation.  You absolutely, positively must have your next lesson on the calendar before you leave your music teacher’s studio at the end of your current lesson.  Knowing when the next lesson will happen gives you a deadline.  Deadlines lead to motivation.  Motivation leads to practicing.  Practicing leads to accomplishment.

It’s that simple.  You always need a deadline to keep yourself on pace to accomplish your goals.  Always having your next lesson scheduled will give you that deadline!

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