If you’re about to take your first music lesson, there are a few things you can do to prepare.  By following this list, you’ll get more out of the lesson and enjoy the experience more.

1.  If you’ve been self-taught or studying with another teacher, and have been using some music books for guidance, take these books with you to the lesson.  It will be helpful for your new teacher to see what materials you’ve been reading.

2.  Also, take any music accessories you have.  This includes anything from metronomes and tuners to accessories specific to your instrument–like a shoulder rest for violinists, a shoulder strap for guitarists, and a reed case for clarinetists.  Your teacher can give you pointers on how to use these tools.

3.  Be able to tell the teacher WHY you want to take lessons.  What exactly do you hope to accomplish?

4.  Tell your teacher WHEN you want to accomplish your goals.  It’s very helpful to say what your 6-month goal is as well as what you want to get done this month.  I like it when new students have something they want to learn at the first lesson!

5.  Tell your teacher how much time you’ll have to practice in between lessons.  Teachers will make different recommendations to students who practice two hours every day vs. students who practice 15 minutes three days a week.

6.  Let the teacher know what your experience is on your instrument.  Can you play anything now, or are you an absolute beginner?

7.  If you can already play your instrument, prepare something specific to play for a new teacher.  They will definitely want to see and hear you play.  Expect the teacher to say something like, “Why don’t you play something for me?”  Don’t be scared or embarrassed.  Be ready.

Have fun at your first lesson!