Yesterday’s post gave a list of tips to help you get the most from a first music lesson.  Those tips all had to do with musical goals and your instrument. 

Today’s list deals with more general and practical issues.  These issues are important for having a successful initial music lesson:

1.  Confirm the date and time with the teacher.  There’s nothing worse than showing up at the wrong time–or on the wrong day!

2.  Know how to get to the location of the lesson, and ask if there are any parking or other transportation issues.  You don’t want to be searching for parking as your lesson time approaches.

3.  Be on time.  If you show up late, you won’t make a good first impression.  You could end up studying with this teacher for many years if they’re a good match for you.  Start off that long-term relationship on the right foot.

4.  Confirm the length and the cost of the lesson.  Many teachers offer lessons of 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  You need to be clear on what you’re getting. 

5.  Find out whether you can pay by check or cash.  Some lesson teachers only accept cash.  If you will be paying by check, know the amount ahead of time and write the check at home–before you arrive at the lesson.  Writing a check at the end of the lesson means you’ll have to cut your lesson short.  And, you may run overtime into another student’s appointment.

6.  Have the teachers phone number(s) in your cell phone as you travel to the lesson.  If you do end up running late, give the teacher a courtesy call.

7.  Last, ask  what you can do for the teacher to make the lesson experience as good as it can possibly be.  Very few students bother to think of their teacher’s point of view, and asking this question shows that you don’t just think about yourself.

Music lessons should be fun and stress-free.  Following these tips will make you more relaxed as you get ready for your first lesson.

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