Today is Thanksgiving.  In the spirit of the holiday, let’s all be thankful for the opportunity we have to play music. 

Whenever we don’t feel like practicing or rehearsing, we should think of everything we love about playing music.  Focusing on the positive aspects of being a musician will keep us motivated.

Think of what a privilege it is to practice, rehearse, and perform music in a world where many people are living in extreme poverty.

Let’s not forget that playing music is fun.  It’s an activity we’ve chosen as a way to spend our time. 

Being a performer connects me to other performers in a way that’s difficult to explain to people who never play music.  I’m thankful for these connections.

We can channel our creativity, emotions, and energies through our instruments–giving us a healthy outlet with which to express ourselves.  This process can happen in the practice room or on stage.  I’m thankful I have this outlet.  Practicing my instrument can actually put me in a better mood.

What are you thankful for?  Why did you decide to become a musician in the first place?

Thinking about the answers to these two questions can help organize your music goals and motivate you to practice with more determination and, ultimately, more success.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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