One of the main issues with practice motivation is getting a practice session started.  Most musicians enjoy practicing once they’re actually doing it.  Your goal is to eliminate the barriers that stop you from playing your instrument.

Keeping your instrument hidden away is one of the barriers you’re trying to do away with in your life.

Instead, put your instrument out where you can see it.  This is a key strategy in encouraging practicing.  If you see your instrument often, it will serve as a reminder that you should play it.

Knowing that you can easily pick up your instrument and start playing encourages you to practice.  Many musicians don’t want to hassle with pulling the case out of the closet or out from under the bed, opening the case, and getting the instrument out.  It’s just too much work and can make you skip playing music today.

So, instead of putting your instrument away, place it on a stand.  If you don’t have an instrument stand, and you have had trouble motivating yourself to practice regularly, buying a stand for your instrument will be a worthwhile investment.

Next to your instrument should be your music stand, metronome, sheet music, and any other small items you need.

Remember the goal: make it very easy to start playing.

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