Links on Memorizing Music

Following my blog post last week on memorizing music, I received requests for more information on memorizing. Here are some of the many ideas on this subject from teachers and experts:

Advice from Music Educators and Other Experts

Memorize-Head30+ Ways to Memorize Music from Chris Foley at the Collaborative Piano Blog.

Two Strategies for Memorizing Music from Robert Kelley, PhD.

How to Eliminate Memory Slips is an intriguing article from Noa Kageyama at BulletProof Musician.

6 Quick Tips for Memorizing Music from Paul Nazarro.

An interesting article comparing how folk musicians and classical musicians memorize music from Caroline Wright of the Memorising Music blog.

An article on Shadow Practicing from the Violin Site.

How to Improve Music Memorization Skills: information from the blog of online sheet music retailer SheetMusicPlus.

Information on Chunking

Here are a couple places to learn more about “chunking” or breaking large amounts of information in to smaller parts that are easier to remember:

Here’s a general definition of chunking.

An article on chunking from the folks at SkillsToolBox.

Take It Slow!

One thing all of these strategies have in common is that they are not “quick fixes.” If you’ve got to memorize a song to perform it tomorrow, you are definitely facing a huge challenge! Give yourself time, work on memorizing every day as you learn a new section of a song, and make it a normal – NOT a special – part of your learning process.

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