Attention beginning, struggling, and even advanced musicians:

Can You Really Accomplish in
10 Minutes What It’s Currently Taking
You 30 – 40 Minutes to Achieve
Every Time You Play Your Instrument?

The answer is “YES”… Not only is this possible, it becomes inevitable when you discover the best-kept secrets of the top music pros to quickly master your instrument at a level that blows away your friends, jamming partners, and even your music teacher.

Dear Aspiring Musician,

If you’ve ever felt like grabbing your instrument, smashing it against the floor, and stomping it to pieces – I have some important questions for you.

Think carefully as you answer…

  • Have you dedicated months, or even years, to playing until you were sore – only to be frustrated by newbie after newbie coming along and just blowing past you…and you couldn’t see how they were doing it?
  • Do you ever think about how long has it really been since you felt ‘in the zone’ as you played and seriously doubt if you’ll ever feel that again?
  • Have you ever worked with an instructor or jammed with someone a lot better than you and felt like you were really making progress when you were together only to slide back into your same frustrations when you practiced alone?
  • Are you apprehensive about playing in front of even a small audience because you can’t consistently play all of those notes in the right order, and you don’t want to end up looking and sounding like a fool?
  • Do you secretly fear that you may NEVER experience the passion and satisfaction of blowing away a cheering crowd with your amazing chops?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…

The good news is that you are NOT alone. The BETTER news is that you’re about to discover how to put these problems behind you forever.

Here’s the problem.

It’s a fact: Relationships with musical instruments so often start off “hot and heavy”… but then quickly and UNEXPECTEDLY turn ice-cold…

Nearly all new musicians have had the experience of feeling like they’ve finally found their thing… and they start pouring their hearts and souls into their playing… only to reach a frustrating plateau where THEY JUST DON’T GET BETTER…

And what’s worse… when this happens, there often seems to be no explanation…and NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.

Well, I know why this happens and EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO ABOUT IT.

Who am I and why should you care?

By now you’re probably wondering who I am, how I know all of this, and why you have to listen to me to immediately improve your skills to start playing everything much faster than you ever thought possible.

My name is David Motto and I’m the go-to expert for frustrated musicians who are sick and tired of being stuck.

My best-selling books have been endorsed by some of the world’s top musicians, including saxophonist Branford Marsalis, violinist Robert McDuffie, flutist Eugenia Zukerman, singer-pianist Bruce Hornsby, trumpeter Randy Brecker, and opera singer Frederica von Stade.

My students are professional musicians (who are actually paid to do what they love), music teachers who need to help their students make new breakthroughs, and even a Grammy winner.

“The Ten Minute Virtuoso makes for compelling reading and challenges many aspects of musicianship as it is still taught today. I first heard the ideas contained in this book during my lessons with David, and they reminded me that practicing is as much about shaping and focusing the mind as it is about instrumental technique. Learning this balance through my experiences with David has helped me to find and stay on my path as a musician.”

John-Carlos Perea, Ph.D.
Grammy-winning bassist, cedar flute player, and vocalist
San Francisco, CA

I’m also a member of the Grammy Voting Committee. So, I’m one of the select few musicians who actually decides who gets every Grammy Award. (Do the work to develop your chops and I’ll vote for you – and even help you write your acceptance speech.)

After years in the ‘music biz inner circle’ and decades mastering my music teaching skills, I have discovered, compiled, and organized 101 ‘secrets’ that can take any player at any level… and launch you into a whole new world of amazing skills that will leave other musicians wanting to jam with you – after they pick their jaws up off the floor.

“… clearly a product of decades of research on what works and what doesn’t. God bless you for de-mystifying the process for us who never thought we could get better at this.”

Monet Silvestre, keyboardist
Manila, Philippines

Here’s what you’ll get.

You’ll get all 101 Secrets organized into a digital book that hooks you up with real-world tips, tricks, and strategies of MUSIC MASTERY that will immediately take your playing to mind-blowing, fun levels—much faster than you ever thought possible.

This 4-part ebook is packed with all the tactics and shortcuts I’ve discovered in my 27 years teaching and learning from the best in the music industry.

Part 1: Secrets to Achieving Your Musical Goals – In a Fraction of the Time

You don’t have time to waste when you’re playing music. The tricks and tips in Part 1 give you the secrets of accelerated learning and efficient use of your time. These strategies make the entire process of learning a musical instrument easier and faster than ever before. You’ll accomplish more every time you play.

  • Secret #2: This is the same secret used by top project managers who know how to get the job done without getting overwhelmed. Learning a musical instrument is a BIG project and you’ll benefit by applying this secret to your playing.
  • Secret #3: Shows you how to create and maintain a laser-beam, locked-in focus that clears everything else from your mind and drops you right into ‘the zone’.
  • Secret #4: Olympic athletes do this to be the best in the world. Oscar winning actors do this to effortlessly embody their most difficult roles. Why not you?
  • Secret #5: With this secret, memorizing a song will be a snap.
  • Secret #9: Save a ton of time and learn full songs faster with this secret (Bonus: you’ll also lower your stress level and stop beating yourself up for minor mistakes that may be stopping you dead in your tracks).

Plus 20 more secrets in this section that will help you cut years off your learning curve.

“I had no idea how much time I was wasting. David Motto’s fresh and creative approach to learning broke my old mind-set and assumptions about how the best musicians got that way. I use his simple secrets every day and have seen (heard) the results, especially when performing or playing with other musicians. ”

“My confidence is greater, my fear is reduced and most importantly, I am more connected with what I love about playing music. I do more now in ten minutes of practice than I used to accomplish in weeks, if ever. It’s a great feeling when people you have played with for years start to notice, on their own, that you have improved.”

“I feel bad for the other guys out there, still struggling with old methods that don’t really work.”

Michael Papanek, guitarist
Piedmont, CA

Part 2: Secrets to Mastering Any Song – No Matter How Difficult

Here I’ll pull back the curtain to reveal the practice secrets of the world’s most successful musicians. These secrets reveal exact steps to make you as effective as possible while you’re practicing your instrument. Use these strategies during your practice sessions to master new techniques and quickly learn songs.

  • Secret #28: This is a secret that’s so simple to miss–but if you miss it, you’ll unnecessarily struggle 2 or 3 times longer than you should to master difficult songs.
  • Secret #29: Learn the secret to overcoming the all-time, worst ever practice habit that will prevent you from ever displaying the mastery you know you have within you.
  • Secret #32: Discover why a standardized warm-up routine is probably blocking your progress and 3 simple steps to creating a custom routine that will have you ready to rockin a matter of minutes.
  • Secret #34: Learn the secret to putting your pencil to work to help you deeply embed songs in your brain so you couldn’t forget them if you tried.
  • Secret #35: Learn how to play all those fast licks you thought you could never play.

And there are 20 more practice room secrets that guarantee you keep improving between lessons, rehearsals and jam sessions.

“David Motto delivers powerful tips designed to transform musicians by helping them make the
right decisions with their limited practice time. When he first shared a few of these strategies with me at a lesson, I realized there was a whole new way for me to think about playing my instrument. My playing immediately changed for the better.”

“I highly recommend this book and proudly use it personally and can confidently recommend it to
any player looking to hone his or her craft.”

Jason Craven
La Honda, CA
Bassist/Guitarist and Music Educator

Part 3: Secrets to Inspire and Motivate You – Every Time You Play

The more motivated you are to play your instrument, the more you’ll learn in a short amount of time. Part 3 reveals the most effective strategies for musicians who don’t always feel they have enough time for their music. Use these secrets to stay inspired, stick to your plan, and build a success mindset.

  • Secret #56: Find out how simple changes in your choice of words can take practice from a frustration to a joy without being weird or fake.
  • Secret #57: If you think your music learning is like a roller coaster ride, you are not alone. You will learn how to deal with it here.
  • Secret #58: Learn this simple mental trick to set yourself up to look forward to practicing so you don’t have to depend on being ‘in the mood’.
  • Secret #59: Discover the hidden value of just having fun before practicing.

On David Motto’s best-selling book Musician’s Practice Planner:

“This is a great book. If you want to make serious use of your practice time, the Musician’s
Practice Planner is for you.”


Part 4: Secrets to Getting Ready for the Stage – And Feeling Comfortable There

At a certain point in your playing, you need to prepare for a performance. Included in Part 4 are the insider secrets that move you from the practice room to the performance venue. By following these strategies, you’ll be ready to play in front of any audience.

  • Secret #82: Learn the most powerful secret to feeling completely comfortable on stage that you can actually do while you’re alone.
  • Secret #86: How to keep your performance moving forward – no matter what!
  • Secret #87: Learn the simple secret of becoming natural, habitual and automatic.
  • Secret #88: Discover how exaggeration will effortlessly lead to greater levels of audience engagement and fascination.
  • Secret #90: Learn exactly what you must tune out to tune in to what’s really important.

Forget all those myths about what it takes to become a better musician. This book will have you on the path to success in no time.

So, how much does it cost?

Good question, but first let me ask – What’s it costing you to stay where you are? How much time, energy, and money are you wasting every month by not having these behind-the-scenes secrets at your fingertips?

You could spend $2000 a year to work with a good music teacher. If you’re doing that already, what you’ll discover in this book will easily double the value of your investment because it will actually make your music lessons better by having you in the right state of mind and attitude to take full advantage of what you learn.

With all of that in mind, I have been thinking about how to price this “book of secrets.” If I knew what I have revealed in this book when I first started out learning music, I would have literally saved thousands of dollars and also shaved off hundreds of hours of my time.

My students have consistently paid me more than $1000 to discover what you’ll be getting for a fraction of that price.

As an introductory offer, and a drop-dead bargain, you can have every one of these 101 insider secrets today for only $47. This is our first market test and this price may never be offered again. So this is your opportunity to grab the book of secrets before we change our mind and raise the price to match the value you’re getting.

That’s less than 50 CENTS for each insider secret that’s going to make you the sought-after player in your town.

Here are the details: The 10 Minute Virtuoso by David Motto
An Insider’s Guide to Transforming Your Playing in Ten Minutes a Day

The 10 Minute Virtuoso

  Virtuoso Basic Virtuoso Premium
10 Minute Virtuoso – 117-Page Instruction Guide packed with 101 Behind-the-Scenes Music Mastery Secrets ($97 value)
Monthly teaching call with David Motto – get direct access to the expert in monthly group calls for one full year ($249 value)  
Exclusive Online Content that gives you even more detailed information and instruction to transform your playing ($47 value)  
Daily Dose of All 101 Secrets delivered one per day to your email inbox ($25 value)  
Total Value – $97 value $418 total value!
Price – $47 Only $67

“I was very reluctant to order the 10 Minute Virtuoso because I felt the price was just too high. I finally ordered it and cannot tell you how significant this book has been to my musical development. It is not possible to put a dollar amount on what this book has given me and what it will bring me for years to come. I am so thankful that I finally ordered it.”

Matthew Marshall – banjo, saxophone, and guitar player
New York, NY

After seeing the price, some musicians sabotage themselves and short-circuit their dreams by coming up with reasons why ‘now isn’t the right time’ – even though they want results so badly they can taste it. Through personal experience I’ve discovered you can either make great excuses or you can make great music – but you can’t make both.

I really care about all musicians and I’ve dedicated my life to supporting them. I want to do the same for you. So I’ve decided to take away all the risk to you, and I’m backing the 10-Minute Virtuoso with the following unconditional guarantee.

100% Guarantee - No Questions Asked, Unconditional, More-Than-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

If for ANY reason you don’t see the value of learning the secrets in the book, you can ask for a FULL refund within the next 60 days of your purchase. You have 60 full days to review and learn from the book and actually
apply some of the strategies into your playing. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to me and if you are not satisfied, I don’t deserve your money.

Just send me a note and say that you want a refund and it will be on its way.

***Note: If you purchased the Premium Package and asked for your money back, I’ll still send you a daily secret – just to say thank you for trying out the Ten Minute Virtuoso.

“OK, let’s do it!”

“Yes David, I’m ready to sign up and can’t wait to uncover your book of secrets.”

  •  Virtuoso Premium $67 – yes, give me the whole package ($418 total value).
  •  Virtuoso Basic $47 – no, let me go with the basic option ($97 value).

Buy Now

P.S. – You may be wondering how many of these 101 secrets will take your playing skills to the next level. To be honest, I don’t know which ones will be the most powerful for you. It depends on where you are in your
development and what your current stumbling blocks are. The important thing to acknowledge is that if you
continue on your current path, you’ll keep getting the same results.
But, if you’re ready to take your playing
to the next level, this program is for you.