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What’s the fastest way to learn how to play the drums?
Knowing exactly what to do every time you play.

After all, no matter how you choose to master the drum set – private lessons, method books, instructional videos, pointers from friends – one thing is absolutely certain:

At some point you’ll be on your own – alone and trying to figure out how to play. Unless you know the best way to practice, you’re in for a lot of wasted time and frustration.

That’s where Molto Music comes in. We’ve been searching for the best ways to learn the drums since 1997. In that time, we’ve found the best information available. Don’t waste your time figuring it out on your own. We’ve got the answers for you.

And, those answers aren’t obvious to most drummers. What feels right when you practice is often wrong, getting in the way of your forward progress and slowing down your growth as a drummer.

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Drum Essentials

Ten Minute Drum Virtuoso

Anyone can learn to play the drums in 10 minutes a day
if they know exactly what to do.

Drummer extraordinaire Steve Bowman co-wrote this eBook to give you insider strategies for learning the drums quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Learn to play any groove. Make the best use of your time. Know exactly what to do in the practice room. Be prepared for any performance.

Musician’s Practice Planner

A best-seller with over 95,000 sold, this notebook works successfully with any instructional method. Used by thousands of musicians worldwide. For all instruments and any genre.

If you’re a drum instructor, this book is a must-have for your lessons!

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