Practice Space Archive

What can you do if your practicing bothers your roommates, family, or neighbors?  Many musicians face this issue daily. The easiest solution is to find a time of day when you can practice and not bother anyone.  A second approach is to practice at a professional rehearsal studio or in a university/school practice room if either of these is […]

It’s important to keep your practice space free of clutter.  When you start your practice session, it’s a lot easier to get going if everything you need is easily accessible and you can find you sheet music, metronome, tuner, and any other accessories you need. Getting started with a practice session is difficult for many […]

If you’re in music school and don’t have a practice room assigned to you at specific times, make sure you play in different practice rooms.  You don’t want to get too used to practicing in the same space every day. Instead, you should experience different surroundings when you practice.  Learning to ignore your external surroundings […]

One common trick used by organization experts can be helpful for musicians: Keep everything in one place. In everyday life, this concept helps people who are constantly losing personal items, such as their keys. The time spent searching for the lost items can never be recovered, and the search is always frustrating. To rid people […]

Your practice space or music room is most likely a comfortable place to play your instrument. It’s important to feel good while you play, and your practice area should make you feel at ease. The trouble is, you’re unlikely to perform in your practice room, and you’ll need to feel comfortable wherever you play. You […]

Some musicians get so used to their practice space at home that they find it difficult to play well anywhere else.  Here’s a practice technique to make sure you’ll be at your best no matter where you play. Although it’s important to have a specific practice space where you feel comfortable, make sure you don’t […]