Musician’s Practice Planner Archive

Basic human nature fights against musicians who want to learn to play a musical instrument efficiently.  Keeping a music practice log helps you fight back. Without a special notebook for music lessons and practice sessions, music students stand little chance in dealing with two factors in the framework of the human brain: 1.  Our tendency to […]

We forget almost everything we’re exposed to.  Can you imagine if this were not the case?  Your memory would be overflowing with every single item you see, every sound you hear, and every action you take–day in and day out. Your brain is constantly filtering out information that doesn’t seem important. This filter has a […]

One important reason to use a practice notebook is to remember every item you’re supposed to be learning.  If you don’t write down your practice  to-do list, it will be extremely difficult to know how to start your practice sessions. Here is what tends to happen to musicians who do not keep a list of practice […]