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In ancient times (pre-Internet, pre-broadband, pre-SmartPhone), musicians really only had a few choices for learning to play their instruments, figuring out how music theory works, understanding music history, and grappling with the music business: 1) Go see a private music instructor 2) Read and study a lot of books 3) Take a class at a […]

There’s nothing more frustrating for musicians than trying to learn a song from a recording while the music is going by so fast you can barely keep up with it! Luckily, there are now many tools out there that slow down the music without changing the pitch. Having this ability is a HUGE time-saver. And, […]

I was recently reminded of the power of our connected, online world when I ran across a couple mentions of me and one of my books from late 2011. Without you even knowing it, other people might be uploading information about you and your music to their websites, blogs, and social media sites. It’s wonderful […]

We all see new technologies being introduced every day. Some are embraced. Some are discarded. But, there’s no doubt that musicians lives are being affected by these technologies. I’m not talking about the reputed demise of the music industry, sagging sales of recorded music, and plunging revenues for record companies. The truth is that only […]

Two more apps aimed at musicians are now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Planet Waves, a maker of accessories and software applications primarily for guitar, has released the ProTune tuner application and the ProTempo metronome application. ProTune is aimed at string musicians, with tuning modes specifically dedicated to guitar, violin/mandolin, viola/mandola, cello/mandocello, bass/mandobass, […]

In last week’s post on pricing when you buy musical instruments, I mentioned that you need to negotiate when you purchase instruments and accessories.  It’s important to think of the retail price in a music store the same way you’d think of the sticker price of a new car: an imaginary number that has nothing […]

Today’s post is specifically aimed at people new to the world of buying musical instruments and accessories.  If you’re purchasing your first instrument, or you’re a parent of a child about to start music lessons, there’s something you need to know about the purchase process: The price is highly negotiable. Many people walk into a […]

In recent posts, I’ve discussed the usefulness of hand-held digital recorders and digital video recorders for musicians, music students, and music teachers. In another sign of the rising popularity of these devices, Music Inc., a trade magazine for music retailers, included an article in its May 2010 issue on the importance of these products for […]

In addition to listening to the specific pieces and songs you’re learning to play, it’s both important and fun for musicians to listen to music in their chosen genre.  This is especially true when you decide to learn a new style of music.  Immersing yourself in the sounds of famous artists who play this style […]

In my last blog post, I wrote about the importance of listening to the music you’re learning to play.  Not only is listening enjoyable, but hearing your music also helps you learn more quickly. It’s never been easier to access music to listen to.  There are many free sources online, inexpensive online sources, and software […]