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When I speak to groups of music students about music practice tips, how to learn music, and achieving goals, muscle memory is always one of the main parts of the discussion.  When your muscles can correctly and automatically play all the notes in your music, your performances are easier and more fun. But, one aspect […]

Online music videos are among the technologies readily available for anyone learning to play a musical instrument.  Both live performances and how-to tutorials are waiting for you online–usually for free–and all musicians absolutely must utilize them. Watching video of music you are currently practicing can have a profound effect on your learning curve and your […]

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about the importance of practicing distinct sections of music to aid learning and memorization.  However, one element of music composition works against us as we prepare and learn music: repeated sections.  Most pieces contain musical material that keeps coming back throughout.  So, if we break up the music based on the sections […]

Like me, you’ve probably had a performance where the beginning of your piece sounded great, but the middle was just okay.  Most musicians have experienced this situation, and it can be a bit unsettling while you’re on stage. There are many reasons this situation occurs, including always practicing from the beginning of a piece, not […]

I’m a big advocate of efficient practicing for all musicians.  If you want to learn a musical instrument, it’s best to practice slowly, work on muscle memory, break your music into small sections, and stay intensely focused while you’re practicing. Unfortunately, quality of practice alone won’t make you a master musician.  You need quantity too.  When all […]

There is evidence from recent neurological research that supports the concept of breaking music into small sections to learn it better.  Though the majority of musicians still try to learn their pieces by going through them from top to bottom (and stopping to make quick fixes along the way), these musicians are actually working against […]

Performing should be the goal for all musicians.  Though practicing and learning new music can be rewarding, there is little point in putting in all that hard work if you’re not going to play with other musicians–and hopefully in front of an audience.  There is an easy-to-use 3-step process that will get you ready for any […]

Have you ever taken a music lesson where everything during the lesson was perfectly clear, but then you got home and couldn’t remember any of the information from the lesson? When you leave a music lesson, you need to remember all of the pointers your teacher gave you, everything you’re supposed to practice until the next […]

To learn to play music successfully, musicians must focus their attention on the most important details of their music while practicing.  No matter if you play guitar, piano, violin, trumpet, flute, or drums, there are always certain details that matter more than others. You need to decide what to pay attention to while you’re practicing […]

With all of the amazing technology available today designed to help musicians learn to play their instruments faster than ever before, it’s easy to forget about one low-tech piece of equipment that is an essential tool for musicians: the Music Stand. Yes, the lowly music stand remains one of the most important accessories for musicians.  […]