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To make music lessons successful, music teachers and music students need to truly understand each other.  They need to make sure their goals are in sync, and that a plan is in place to propel the student forward toward those goals. As a student, you need to have goals for your lessons, and you need […]

Music recitals are rituals for young musicians learning to play a musical instrument.  These performances are usually seen by music lesson teachers as opportunities to perform music in public for the first time and to show off the skills that have been developed by the music students. Sometimes, however, students don’t want to participate in a recital, […]

Yesterday, I attended the American String Teachers Association national conference.  Many music students and beginner musicians don’t realize it, but there are national and international organizations for players and teachers of just about every instrument.  Their conferences allow music teachers to share ideas, learn new teaching techniques, and explore an exhibit hall with all the […]

Performing music involves much more than just playing well.  There are certain expectations for how musicians look and behave when they’re on stage.  But, where do musicians learn these skills? Recently, I was looking over the description of a program for music students to earn a certificate for playing in front of an examiner.  These types of events are […]

Technologies available today make it easier than ever before for musicians to learn to play their instruments.  From digital recorders, advanced metronomes, and iPhone apps to accompaniment software, YouTube, and web-based learning, musicians have multiple resources that make the learning curve easier to deal with. There is, however, one big problem with instructional CD-ROMs, teachers’ […]

Music lessons offer more to music students than just facts about how to play a musical instrument.  Through interaction with music teachers (sometimes for many years at a time), students learn life lessons, get advice on education and careers, and absorb information about musicians’ lifestyles. A blog post on yesterday’s New York Times website by composer Michael Gordon […]

Have you ever taken a music lesson where everything during the lesson was perfectly clear, but then you got home and couldn’t remember any of the information from the lesson? When you leave a music lesson, you need to remember all of the pointers your teacher gave you, everything you’re supposed to practice until the next […]

Taking music lessons is one of the best ways to quickly learn how to play a musical instrument.  Your music teacher will help you with all aspects of your playing. But, it’s important to choose the right music teacher. Never choose a music teacher who will teach you in your home. Don’t get me wrong.  […]

Different students have different expectations for their music lessons.  Some want help with their technique.  Others need guidance on what music to learn.  A small minority just wants reassurance that they’re on the right track. No matter what you are looking for in your music lessons, make sure you are very clear on the Three […]

In a recent post on Tips for Taking a First Music Lesson, one of the tips I included was to prepare something specific to play.  Unless you have never before played your instrument, being ready to perform for a new teacher is crucial to the success of your lessons. There are only three scenarios for […]