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Knowing music theory helps musicians learn songs faster, recognize chord progressions, understand everything they’re playing and more. If you’re looking for ways to make learning music theory, there are more tools available than ever before in human history!! Tools, books, software, online courses, apps – you name it and it’s out there for you. Here […]

In last week’s post on pricing when you buy musical instruments, I mentioned that you need to negotiate when you purchase instruments and accessories.  It’s important to think of the retail price in a music store the same way you’d think of the sticker price of a new car: an imaginary number that has nothing […]

Today’s post is specifically aimed at people new to the world of buying musical instruments and accessories.  If you’re purchasing your first instrument, or you’re a parent of a child about to start music lessons, there’s something you need to know about the purchase process: The price is highly negotiable. Many people walk into a […]

Beginner musicians can take specific steps to speed up their musical progress.  There are many online tools available to help you: online music lessons, YouTube videos, online metronomes, and recordings of just about any piece of music ever recorded.  Real-world strategies can help also: taking lessons with a really good music teacher, recording yourself so […]

Have you ever taken a music lesson where everything during the lesson was perfectly clear, but then you got home and couldn’t remember any of the information from the lesson? When you leave a music lesson, you need to remember all of the pointers your teacher gave you, everything you’re supposed to practice until the next […]

With all of the amazing technology available today designed to help musicians learn to play their instruments faster than ever before, it’s easy to forget about one low-tech piece of equipment that is an essential tool for musicians: the Music Stand. Yes, the lowly music stand remains one of the most important accessories for musicians.  […]

When many musicians practice, they go about it the same way they listen to music.  That is, they start working on a song at the beginning and run through the music until they get to the end. Then, the entire process starts over.  The musician goes back to the beginning and plays through to the […]

In a recent post on Tips for Taking a First Music Lesson, one of the tips I included was to prepare something specific to play.  Unless you have never before played your instrument, being ready to perform for a new teacher is crucial to the success of your lessons. There are only three scenarios for […]

Yesterday’s post gave a list of tips to help you get the most from a first music lesson.  Those tips all had to do with musical goals and your instrument.  Today’s list deals with more general and practical issues.  These issues are important for having a successful initial music lesson: 1.  Confirm the date and […]

If you’re about to take your first music lesson, there are a few things you can do to prepare.  By following this list, you’ll get more out of the lesson and enjoy the experience more. 1.  If you’ve been self-taught or studying with another teacher, and have been using some music books for guidance, take these […]