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My last blog post was 10 Secrets and Shortcuts to Improve Your Skills. Number 7 on that list was to “Visualize Success.” For this post and the next few posts I’m going deeper into the visualization process. I want to spend time outlining everything that makes visualizations so effective. And, I want to give you […]

What’s your answer when someone asks you, “How can I get better as a musician?” I hope you don’t say, “Spend more time practicing.” Most people don’t know how to practice. So, if they spend more time practicing, it won’t actually help them. Here’s what will happen to them instead: They’ll keep making mistakes, but […]

Musicians are always looking for constant improvement in their skills and in their performances. This is no different than what athletes go through. You’ve got to dedicate yourself to some sort of daily workout, keep your eyes on the long-term prize, and be persistent. I coach a lot of musicians, and I make sure they […]

  The title of today’s blog is a quote from Dr. Barry Rovner, a psychiatrist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He says to “follow the plan” to help his elderly patients who are losing their sight. It turns out that patients who have a specific plan to work around their difficulty with seeing are […]

In your Musician’s Practice Planner, in addition to the weekly practice plan, it’s important for music students to write down their reward and their risk for meeting the practice goals for the week.  This is an excellent way to create motivation and forward momentum in achieving goals for music lessons and performances. Here’s how it […]

Today is the summer solstice, the first official day of summer.   It’s a good time to put your summer music goals in place. Here’s an easy way to set up your summer music goals: First, make a big list of all the music you’d like to learn this summer and all the new techniques […]

Music students often set themselves up for feelings of failure when they tackle a new task.  They think the task will be easy, and, when they find out that it’s actually quite challenging, they question their own abilities rather than rationally looking at the difficulty of the task itself. Here’s a perfect example: transcribing.  For anyone unfamiliar […]

Every day, musicians face a fork in the road: Do I practice or do I skip it today?  Each day, as you face this question, you are determining your future. One path leads to the ability to face challenges and meet them head on.  It is the path of success–whether in music or in any other […]

Most musicians have goals they want to achieve.  From being able to play well to landing a great gig, these goals keep many musicians practicing, rehearsing, and performing. One interesting aspect of achieving goals is that the path to success is often full of failures.  If you expect the road to be bumpy, it’s easier to […]

Are master musicians born with their skills intact?  Some musicians say it was inevitable that Mozart or Stevie Wonder would rise to the top of their professions.  Others believe musical skills are only acquired through a singular dedication to daily work. Being born with a certain genetic predisposition toward something (Nature) does seem necessary for […]