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It’s Time to Make Some Real Progress

If you’ve been struggling to find the next breakthrough in your playing, it’s time to turn to an expert who can help you achieve your musical goals.

I’m a bass player, master teacher, founder of Molto Music, and author of ten books for musicians. I’m available to give you bass lessons – no matter where you are in the world!

Via video conferencing, I’ll share my expertise with you, customize lessons for your needs, and guide you to new heights in your bass playing. (And, if you’re in the San Francisco area, you can have your lessons in person if you want.)

David Motto

$75 for a one-hour lesson

How My Lessons are Different from Other Bass Lessons

In a typical bass lesson, your teacher gives you pointers on technique, guidance on what needs more work, and shows you some new ways to play your instrument.

I do all of this – and a whole lot more. Because I’m not only a bass player, but also an expert on practicing and learning musical instruments, I can help you with your time in between lessons (when the real learning takes place). I’ll pinpoint the barriers you are having that are stopping you from improving the way you want to improve.

In addition to focusing on specific techniques and songs, I’ll give you details on exactly what to do when you’re by yourself practicing.

Scientific Research is Ahead of Most Music Teaching

Very few music teachers are aware of all the scientific research that’s been going on in the last two decades regarding deliberate practice, muscle memory, and skill acquisition. This research gives musicians new ways to make their practicing much more efficient and effective.

I’ve been following this research – as well as reading every book, journal article, and website on learning music – since 1997. With this information, I’m able to give you insights into your learning process. These insights just aren’t available from most bass teachers.

Are you ready to use what scientific research tells us is the best way to improve your bass playing?

One-on-one, private bass lessons are $100/hour