Today is the summer solstice, the first official day of summer.   It’s a good time to put your summer music goals in place.

Here’s an easy way to set up your summer music goals:

First, make a big list of all the music you’d like to learn this summer and all the new techniques you’d like to master. Don’t think too hard about this; just write down your goals quickly.

Second, pick 3 – 5 goals from this list that stand out to you for any reason. Perhaps they seem the most important or the most fun. Just make sure they are goals you would truly like to achieve.

Third, choose just one goal from your short list as your main goal for the summer. This is the goal that would feel great to accomplish.

Fourth, pick out two additional goals as secondary goals for the summer. These won’t be as important as the main goal, but it’s nice to have more than one goal to shoot for while you’re practicing. It often works best if these secondary goals support the main goal. For instance, the secondary goals could be technical skills that will help you learn the piece of music that’s your main goal.

Now that you have a main goal and two secondary goals, write these down in your Musician’s Practice Planner. You can use the “Other” category or the “Special Notes for the Week” section.

Every day, before you practice, read these written goals and design your practice sessions to help you accomplish these goals. Remember, these are goals for the summer and all should be achievable by Labor Day.

Enjoy your summer, and have fun achieving your summer music goals!

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