About Molto Music

Founded in 1999 by husband/wife team David Motto and Stephanie Railsback, Molto Music is dedicated to answering one question: What is the most successful way to learn a musical instrument?

Here’s why we feel this question is important: Most musicians have no idea how to improve their playing. They’re constantly frustrated. They spend time practicing but never seem to get better. They feel they may never reach their musical dreams. These fears stop many people from taking up a musical instrument in the first place. We want to change all that.

We find the best information on how to master every instrument. From this research we develop strategies that give musicians confidence and allow them to make rapid progress. Then, we make these insights available directly to musicians in our products, blog, and presentations.

Every product we create is designed to carry out our mission, which is to:

  • show you how to achieve your musical goals
  • help you eliminate musical frustrations
  • save you enormous amounts of time

We do this by focusing on techniques that actually work. The strategies you receive from Molto Music are unlike anything you get from other method books, instructional videos, and even most private lessons. While they show you what to do, we show you how to do it.

Molto Music’s products are used worldwide by musicians in every genre of music. Casual players, professional performers, music teachers, and music students all benefit from the expertise we provide them. Our products guide these musicians in practice rooms, private lessons, rehearsals, and schools.

About David Motto:
A Leading Expert on Learning to Play Musical Instruments

David Motto is committed to showing musicians the best methods to learn a musical instrument – without the frustration, difficulty, and doubt nearly everyone expects. He shares his insights on the most efficient and effective practice techniques, learning systems, and motivational tools with musicians worldwide. David’s strategies actually reframe how musicians think and act as they play their instruments.

David was a member of the music faculty at San Francisco State University for 12 years and has had a private teaching studio since 1985. He offers both Bass Lessons and Music Coaching for All Instruments to musicians anywhere in the world via video conferencing as well as in-person lessons and coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area.

David is the author of 10 books for musicians, including The Ten Minute Virtuoso series, the best-selling Musician’s Practice Planner, the critically-acclaimed 3-volume Essential Sightreading Studies for Electric Bass, and the ThinkBook for Musicians (to be published late in 2014). He has also contributed articles to several music journals and magazines.

He has appeared on over twenty commercially released recordings and has been a bassist, rehearsal director, and arranger with countless groups in virtually every genre of music.

As an expert on practicing music, he has appeared as a clinician at music conferences and universities throughout the U.S.  He writes both the blog posts and the Practice Tip of the Week newsletter for Molto Music, and he authored the Top Ten Practice Tips of All Time eBook available on this website.

David is listed in Who’s Who in America and is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences—which gives him the privilege of voting for the Grammy Awards.

About Stephanie Railsback:
A Teacher Dedicated to Improving Children’s Lives

Stephanie Railsback changes children’s lives through the lessons learned playing music. Stephanie has taught violin and viola lessons for over 25 years, and she realized many years ago that children get far more value from her lessons than simply learning to play an instrument.

What children learn from Stephanie’s music lessons is how to experience success. Once a child tastes success, their appetite for more success grows. Feeling successful leads to a rise in their self-esteem and in their ability to imagine future possibilities for their lives.

Inspiring children comes about by placing kids in a fun, supportive setting where they are continuously praised for achieving goals. Stephanie provides this environment in her music lessons.

Using goal achievement in music as a pathway to success in life is one of the primary reasons that Stephanie and David created the Musician’s Practice Planner.

There is more information about Stephanie and her private violin and viola lessons at her teaching website.